COVID-19 has reshaped the global economy and pushed the shoulder-to-shoulder coworking model to the brink of collapse. But even before the arrival of this pandemic, consumers’ demands for shared office space were shifting away from the open office model that came with unlimited cold brew.

What professionals are looking for today is a flexible space that gives them a dedicated office suite for their staff and the high-touch amenities guests expect in a professional environment.

Whether you run a small firm or a midsize agency, the importance of having a professional office space where you can conduct your business remains unchanged. New “proworking” spaces are here to deliver what you and your clients need: safety, security, and privacy in an elegant environment.

Privacy Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

As business owners consider their return to work plans, many are adding space between desks and investing in plexiglass partitions between workspaces, but none of these measures create environments in which confidential, focused work can happen.

You may have heard talk of cubicle walls returning to shared office space, but these partitions don’t begin to provide the level of information security that professional work requires. While some coworking spaces may offer the option of an office suite for rent, they aren’t designed with member privacy in mind. Thin glass walls don’t keep eyes or sound out, and they make it nearly impossible to host a client with any measure of discretion.

We understand that privacy isn’t a luxury for many businesses – it’s a requirement. To ensure member privacy, professional workspaces must be private, with doors that lock and controlled access to shared spaces. 

Proworking Space Is Built to Foster Focused Work

If coworking spaces were built to encourage networking and a sense of community, proworking spaces are designed to foster focused work. There is a place for work at communal tables in some entrepreneurs' lives, but for those who have an established business to attend to, a designated office is a better fit than a shared phone booth.

At Firmspace, our walls and floors aren’t temporary, and their design isn’t meant to last until next year. We focus on creating durable spaces made from the same materials you’d want to select for your own office space, if you were to start fresh from the ground up.

In addition to providing permanent walls from materials selected for their soundproof quality, Firmspace offices run a noise cancellation system that turns every office into a quiet room that’s conducive to productive work.

Our contemporary design favors clean lines and elegant touches that make members’ daily experience more than a trip to their rented office space with parking. We believe that shared office space doesn’t have to be utilitarian. We remove the chaos typically associated with shared office space and provide an office suite that supports your operation without disrupting your day.

A Concierge Experience that’s More than a Badge Scan

From the parking garage to your desk, Firmspace provides members with a seamless, concierge experience. Our staff is on hand to welcome you and answer questions daily. They ensure meeting areas and common spaces meet our stringent cleaning standards.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve updated our policies and procedures for office hygiene. Since before work-from-home orders began, our staff has been working hard to ensure that members get their mail delivered along with peace of mind. We now go beyond cleaning conference rooms between every meeting and retain day porters to touch up high-touch places. We’re prepared to provide masks, additional PPE, and cleaning assistance on request.

The Firmspace member experience supports your daily operations, ensuring that every appointment runs smoothly and that you have the space you need to safely run your business.

Proworking Space Is Designed for the Essentials

People don’t need perks – they need a place to get work done. Today mid-career professionals are looking to rent out office space where they can conduct business without worrying about the security of their phone calls or where they can host an in-person signing.

Firmspace is not an events space, but we hope to make every day in your office a superlative experience. As many professionals have shifted to working from home, they’ve discovered that home isn’t a place that’s conducive to work. For many, it’s simply not an environment where you can meet with clients.

Whether you’re looking to rent out office space because you’re moving your business to a more flexible remote work policy or your business needs an office upgrade, Firmspace is the proworking space on the market.

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