Imaginative energy with a modern experience.

Join the ranks of top firms and businesses working out of coworking spaces by joining Firmspace, Denver. At Firmspace, you have access to a happening city and the perfect space to carry out operations with efficiency and success. In addition to our fiber optics capabilities, standing desks, and other productivity-optimized amenities, we offer a fitness facility, a daily food delivery service, and a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. With features built for efficiency and peace of mind, there is no doubt that your employees will radiate with imagination and energy.

With Firmspace, our coworking offices will allow you easy access to your fellow coworkers. While coworking spaces originated as office space for freelancers and startups, especially in the tech industry, this delineation is no more. Coworking helps integrate other industries, like law practice, into the corporate fabric of the city. You can keep the energy flowing by leaving the monotony of corporate offices behind with our updated flexible workspaces. Our offices are optimized for efficiency and inter-departmental awareness. Join the community you were always part of by working in this open space.  By joining Firmspace, your work will seem more meaningful from the standpoint of your company, but you will also feel like part of the broader Denver community. 

Denver is a hip, ever-changing area with plenty to do. It is a short walk to Dalton Park and right next to University Colorado Denver, where there is no shortage of events. It is also near the Pepsi Center. In the heart of the Lodor sector, be a part of the city’s culture every day. Firmspace, Denver fosters a high degree of focus and collaboration, providing employees with the invigorated physical space they need to get work done well.

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